About Us

Currently THIDACO is one of the leading companies in fire protection and safety services in Vietnam.
We have been operating security equipment since 1990s.

In early 2002, THIDACO was expanded, officially launched THIDACO, which now has created great trust for customers nationwide.

Through nearly twenty years of experience, THIDACO is moving on the path of business convincing, with the motto “THIDACO do all for the community.”

That is the reason why THIDACO has spent a significant amount of money every year to invest in research and development. Our highly skilled engineers put all their knowledge and experience to flexibly improve the application of safety and fire protection solutions, thereby introducing our customers to the equipment. New, more convenient, more affordable.

From systems that combine security pccc capabilities, CCTV cameras and M & E systems, we are ready to meet all your requirements, ready to help you choose the right system. Suitable for all applications.


CEO's Message

Quý khách hàng thân mến!

First of all, we – the members of Thien Dang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company – respectfully send greetings to customers, good health and abundant wishes.

Thidaco is a gathering place of young people with aspirations, dynamic, innovative thinking. Where the experience and prestige of many members are attached in the field of design, construction supervision, construction organization:

– Ventilation and air conditioning system.

– Water supply and sanitation.

– Power system.

– Fire alarm and fire fighting system.

– Building and finishing works.

Thidaco sees the challenge as an opportunity, thanks to the efforts of each member, we have become a professional electrical contractor, creating many innovative products and services that meet the requirements. Increasingly high of customers.

Thidaco is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction through quality works, products and services at the most reasonable prices with the motto “Perfect solution”.

On behalf of all employees of Thien Dang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company, I would like to send my best regards to you. The interest, trust and love of customers while continuing to choose us to accompany customers is a measure for success.

Best regards!

Scope Of Business

Design – Supply – Installation & amp; Repair Maintenance

  1. Ventilation and air conditioning

    – Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioners, Distributors of wind, Ventilation

    1. Power System

      – Power supply and distribution system:

      • Distribution of medium voltage, low voltage, transformer, generator
      • Distribution cabinets for electricity, lighting, electrodynamics
      • Automated Control Devices, Smart Electrical Solutions

        – Lightning protection system, CCTV, Security surveillance system, Incident lighting system- Telephone system, public sound system, network system

        III. Water supply and sanitation

        – Cold water supply, drainage of rain water, domestic water, waste water treatment

        1. fire alarm and fire fighting system

          – Fire fighting system, fire alarm system, fire spreading material

          1. Civil and industrial construction

            – Building and finishing works– Consultant to supervise and verify construction design.

Quality Policies

Thien Dang Construction Investment Joint Stock Company has determined that “Always focus on improving customer satisfaction with best quality products and services at reasonable prices” is the competitive policy to put Thidaco Became one of the leading companies in Vietnam and in the region.

With the motto of work:


Being aware of the value of each individual in the enterprise, fully implement the guideline “Blood – professional – creative – effective”. Continuously train themselves, improve their professional skills, work skills, communication skills to best meet the tasks assigned and increasingly contribute more, more effective. the common goal of the business. Every individual must be a good expert in his or her field.

In order to implement the above policy, the company’s leaders commit to:

– Utilize all resources necessary to implement, maintain and continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008.

– Always listen to opinions and feedback from customers to improve and diversify products.

– Staff at all levels are trained in the necessary knowledge and skills required by each job. And being aware of the importance of meeting the highest requirements of the customer is the decisive factor for success for the company.

Try to ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the company.

Quality Managerment System

  • Thidaco Considering that we are the investor when consulting and designing to meet the requirements of quality, time and efficiency in investment and exploitation.
  • Thidaco Constantly improving the quality system with the goal of achieving the best standards.
  • Thidaco To disclose information on the capacity of organizations involved in construction activities:

– Website: http://nangluchdxd.xaydung.gov.vn

– Numerical order: 655

  • Thidaco Establish and apply the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 has been assessed and issued by:

– International Standard Certification Organization

– Certification number: QAC / R84 / 1308

Operating Structure